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Writing Collaborations and Poetry Collections with Francis Daulerio

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Writing might seem like a lonely and solitary practice, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, collaborating with others can often lead to better writing.

Francis Daulerio has written multiple books of poetry while also finding unique ways to collab. My particular favorite: a split collection of “covers” — he wrote poems based on another writer’s short stories, and the other writer wrote stories based on Francis’s poems.


He’s also talking about his most bizarre reading, the top ways to market a book, and why existentialism can help you find meaning and joy.


Highlights of our conversation

  • The first things Francis ever wrote, and how he jumped around in his writing styles. (4:15)

  • How Francis comes up with the somewhat complicated titles of his books, the inspiration behind his latest work Joy, and his favorite poem of the collection. (6:30)

  • How can you tell when a collection of poems or stories is “done” and ready for the world? (10:10)

  • The difference between writing for poetry and writing for music. (11:51)

  • A look at the “split” between Francis and writer Nick Gregorio, where Francis wrote “covers” of Nick’s stories and Nick wrote “covers” of Francis’s poems. It was inspired by a split record between NOFX and Rancid. BRILLIANT. (14:14)

  • The worst gig Francis has ever had. (17:33)

  • Some of the top ways to market a book and what’s worked best for Francis. The power of collaboration, y’all! (19:38)

  • How having an existential mindset can foster joy and meaning. Plus, a personal story about my failed time in high school honors biology. (22:25)

  • The top albums to listen to while writing, including Arooj Aftab’s Vulture Prince, Kaki King’s Legs to Make Us Longer, and Silver Ladders by Mary Lattimore. (26:25)

Where to find Francis Daulerio

Check out Francis’s work, see his tour dates, and pick up any of his books at

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