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No Time Like the Present to Write Your Book

No Time Like the Present to Write Your Book

“In the Midst of Every Crisis, Lies Great Opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Without a doubt, the past two years were some of the strangest in recent history and it is likely the changes brought by the global pandemic may persist well into the future. Our daily rhythms of work, school, and life are altered and contact with others is now masked, distanced, and sanitized. So much is still unknown about the way things will unfold, and it is uncertain when life will return to “normal” and what that will look like.

Whatever may be happening in your life, as a book publicist, I’d like to encourage you that in spite of these challenges, NOW may be the perfect time to write your book. Here are three reasons:

1. Historically, many books have been inspired by the uncertainty of a pandemic. John F. Kennedy once said, “When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters – one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.” Creativity rises to the forefront in times of upheaval or danger. Great works of literature, including Shakespeare’s King Lear, were produced during periods of epidemic and plague. Other “pandemic literature” such as The Plague (Albert Camus), Twilight in Delhi (Ahmed Ali), The Andromeda Strain (Michael Crichton), Survivor (Octavia E. Butler) and Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel), seize moments like ours to tell fascinating stories. The best and worst aspects of humanity are vividly displayed against the literary backdrop of chaos brought by illness and epidemic. Even if your work is not directly inspired by the pandemic, it could one day serve as an example of art produced during a critical period in world history.

2. Writing can provide a pleasurable means of relieving pandemic-induced stress. In times of stress, the act of writing can be therapeutic, becoming an outlet for pressure and anxiety brought by unexpected change. It is a way to both reflect on what is happening and try to bring meaning from it. Writing a book and the research and organization involved keep the mind active, so that learning continues no matter what else in your life may have changed.

In an interview with GQ, author Ottessa Moshfegh says,

It’s the mind organizing the details of life into a narrative that logically orients the writer back to her own story. […] In some ways, this quarantine is the ideal creative environment. Writing takes patience and listening, allowing oneself to linger on a word or image or gesture and watch it develop into drama through a language of its own. It also takes a lot of time. […] I’m trying to see this period as a blessing in that way. The light side of the darkness.

3. Book sales are strong. While many industries have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, book sales have increased. After an initial slump during the spring of 2020, the book market made a strong recovery, with Jim Milliot of Publisher’s Weekly reporting an 8.2% rise in the sale of print books. Elizabeth A. Harris of the New York Times reports that 2020 brought increases of 17% for audio book sales and 16% for eBook sales. With many normal activities suspended and screen time at an all time high for both adults and children, books remain a great low-tech option for entertainment.

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Author Dave Pelzer once said, “Something good comes out of every crisis.” Writing your book now may not only help you by giving you an outlet and a goal to attain, but may also one day inspire future generations to meet the challenges they face with creativity and bravery.

Bottom Line: Times of change are times of opportunity. Seize the day, write your book, and let it be one of the good things that come out of this crisis.

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Book publicist Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that has a special knack for working with authors to help them get all the publicity they deserve and more. Lorenz works with bestselling authors and self-published authors promoting all types of books, whether it’s their first book or their 15th book. He’s handled publicity for books by CEOs, CIA Officers, Navy SEALS, Homemakers, Fitness Gurus, Doctors, Lawyers and Adventurers. His clients have been featured by Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, CNN, ABC News, New York Times, Nightline, TIME, PBS, LA Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Woman’s World, & Howard Stern to name a few.

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