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By: Matthew J Holmes
Are you looking for a simple system to help you sell more books and gain more readers? Dive into this book for a seven-day journey to help you market your books effectively without spending hours a day.
By: Cheryl St.John
Your novel should leave readers bored. Grab and keep their attention using techniques that completely hook your readers’ emotions and don’t let go.
By: K.M. Weiland
For many writers, the idea of writing an outline for a novel seems overwhelming and frightening. Get on the right track and make outlining easy.
By: Susan May Warren
Take your planning and writing to the next level by asking one question that will generate compelling characters and plot for your best-selling novel!
By: Helen B. Scheuerer
The most effective way to become a successful author in today’s market is to write a series of books. Discover the best way to plan and write your best-selling series now!
By: Becca Syme
After working with hundreds of authors, Becca Syme has seen the best and the worst. Learn to trim the things that are inhibiting your success.