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Getting Published: How to hook an agent, get a deal & build a career you love
By: Harry Bingham
Ready to see your book for sale in your local bookstore? Learn to prep your manuscript, land an agent, negotiate a contract, and market your work.
Dear Writer, You Need to Quit (QuitBooks for Writers Book 1)
By: Becca Syme
After working with hundreds of authors, Becca Syme has seen the best and the worst. Learn to trim the things that are inhibiting your success.
The Story Equation: How to Plot and Write a Brilliant Story from One Powerful Question
By: Susan May Warren
Take your planning and writing to the next level by asking one question that will generate compelling characters and plot for your best-selling novel!
Amazon Keywords for Books: How to Use Keywords for Better Discovery on Amazon
By: Dale L. Roberts
Simply having your book on Amazon is not enough to generate books sales. Learns how to leverage keywords to get in front of the right buyers.